• P.C. Rogers

Step one: don't be silly

So. I just sat down at the end of the day to catch up on the news.

Cuomo is locking down the state for another two weeks. Yay.

Trump says he's not really gonna quarantine the entire empire State on a federal level, after considering it. Woo.

The world is running out of condoms. (that makes sense.)

And then I came across this gem: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-29/passengers-on-death-ship-plead-for-rescue-after-virus-strikes

Who. The. Heckfire. Who? Who takes a cruise right now? It's been months of this. A solid month of it here at home. We've watched ship after ship be a petri-dish that infected the western world... And these people willingly got on one and are are panicked with complaints that people are dying and they can't get off and someone, dear God anyone, save them!


Who makes a choice like that.

What is the rest of their life like?


Those poor people.

Guys. Please don't take a cruise right now. Maybe for like ... The foreseeable future.

Don't be silly.

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