• P.C. Rogers

Leaping Lizards.

Sometimes the grammar police and dictionary powers-that-be decide things that I think are stupid. Like. Apparently, everyone once deemed "leapt" the correct past term for leap. Now, according to the annals of Google, we must say "leaped". Grammarly goes both ways. It chastises me for both, depending on where I'm using it. On Facebook it insists "leapt" but on my blog it says "leaped". What say you? Have you ever noticed things like that? Or am I the only one annoyed with it.

For the record, I think pretty much anything is acceptable. Except for not using the correct you, your, you're or they're, their, there. It's, its. Things like that. If you need help let me know. I will gladly, without judgment, smack you every time you use the incorrect one. That's how I learned it!

Comment!!! Tell us!

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