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It's only been six years...

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Sorry I've been away for so long, everyone. I've been... busy.

Let me catch you up with the short version:

Divorce is the worst death ever invented. I know now why the Lord said he hates it. It's awful. Maybe I'll share more on that as time goes on, but for now suffice to say: avoid it if at all possible. We couldn't, it came down to a matter of health and safety and it was sort of sprung on us. You know it's a necessary evil when your kids cry in celebration that the life of fear is finally over and we're 'free'.

So. I've been gone navigating the legal system, crushing myself under mountains of lawyer-induced debt, and pulling a career out of my butt. Thank God for parents, 'cause I don't know how on earth ladies get through this without support. So many don't, they just bear down under the abuse and stay. And stay. And stay. Shout out to you girls. Don't give up hope. Don't stop praying.

I got my associate's degree! Now I'm most of the way through a double bachelor's degree. Yep. Two. Public History and Writing. Minored in photography & editing, but SUNY ESC doesn't have a minor program and I'm already bending the bracket by pursuing two degrees at once.

I couldn't afford my kids' school anymore, or to work for minimum wage in a kitchen, so I pulled them out and have been homeschooling again while freelance working. I keep my cost of living insanely low, and it's tight, but I'm doing it. If you're truly needing to escape a dangerous relationship and are staying because you know you can't raise those kids on good intention and well-wishes, don't fret. I'm telling you you can do it. There's hope out there. God's bigger than whatever it is, my solution isn't yours, but he has one custom-designed for you, don't worry. Get to know him, he'll show you the way to something good.

We have been through some crap. Let me tell ya. I don't know how the world gets by without actually knowing the Lord. I really don't. I have such sympathy and compassion for the ripping uncertainty and worry that can envelop moms, especially those on their own, on a daily basis. I have to lean daily- hourly sometimes- on my trust and faith in God to get through. If you don't have that, man, I'd encourage you to grab hold of it. Cause it's freely waiting for you. I'm pretty sure I'd have stroked out or had a heart attack from the stress of all this otherwise. But anyway.

Here's the good part. I resurrected some manuscripts I had finished years ago and promised you guys like, in 2015, and have them in the final revision process. I'm hoping to do a release before the end of next month. And, I'm revamping the blog, as you can see.

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic I've changed the prices of my Kindle book editions to $1.99 and enabled sharing for at least the next two weeks, and lowered the cost of prints to the lowest amount allowed by Amazon. But wait, that's not all! I'm going to start posting some more short stories and some of my works you can read for free online.

PLEASE STAY HOME. Do your part. All this ends quicker when we just slow down and focus on being still. Protect the most vulnerable among us by not unwittingly sharing the disease. Brew a cup of tea and read some stories. I gotchya!

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