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30 Proof

No. It's not a drinking game. It's the battle of edits. And I swear it takes me like a month to get the necessary final changes made to any manuscript.

I don't have the benefit of one of those 2.50 cent per word professional editors. Hell. I can't even afford the I-am-still-paying-my-way-through-college .50 cent per word entry level Upwork specials. I rely solely on the charity of devoted readers.

Serious. I'm a one man band over here. Those love notes at the beginning of all my books are for real, there's a small army of retired teachers, avid readers, and old time line editors for shuttered publishing houses who read proofs and give me their corrections and feed back. Theyr'e my brave editors that deal with my horrible grammar issues and point out my gross plot holes and things.

They're actually not on the front lines, though, its beta readers who are the bread and butter of the operation, too! They're the ones who read the ugliest stages of any manuscript and give me their thoughts and opinions on how the stories are developing and how they feel about the plot and so on.

I'm telling you all this for a reason. These people could be you! I've tried to explain through the years on my blog, in my books, on my Facebook posts, just how much I really want people involved. I write this stuff for you! You can participate!

Let's be friends! We can read and write together. That's my kind of buddy, right there.

Either way, I posted some more things in the 'short stories' category of the blog. Check it out!

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