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     Joanna's stubborn resourcefulness is no match for fate...


     Joanna hates no one half so much as Tyler McCollister: the annoying neighbor boy who hunted her across their Wyoming ranchlands, the school kid who picked on her mercilessly and the judgmental ass who questions her every adult decision. As if circumstances could get worse she learns at the reading of her father's will that he sold her beloved, ailing, ranch to none other than McCollister's modernized operation. Now she's forced to deal with Tyler nearly every day. She refuses to stop ranching; she'd rather die than touch that money. That's just what it comes to when she finds herself adrift in a sinister, murderous, plot to acquire her money. Has her hurtful pride made Tyler blind to her silent cries for help? Can the man who's loved her for a lifetime save her and her baby, or is it too late?

Cast off and abandoned by her husband...


     Kelli and her two young children are destitute. One minute she's a happy suburban housewife, the next she's caught in the vortex of her ex-husband's tailspin of self-destruction. As she struggles to survive, alone, below the poverty line in a strange town she loses all hope of anything ever being all right again. Until the unexpected attentions of a quiet cowboy open her eyes to a whole new world, and a whole new hope. He singlehandedly redefines what it is to be a good man and to be happy. Is he really offering her true love, or will she lose everything, and more, chasing him into his rodeo lifestyle?