Hi. I'm P.C. People have been reading my stories since I was barely old enough to write them. I pen these tales of relationships, drama and love tangled in the architecture of circumstance and fallen human nature- but few people realize that I have my longest history in thrillers. I've been actively pursuing this career for the past twenty years now and I'm often asked: "How on earth do you manage to write so much?" by incredulous readers who never tire of stories to hear and who try to pull some sort of predictable pattern from the haze of chaos that is my haphazard publishing rate. I'll tell you, its simple: When you've lived such an impossible and improbable life of hardship and situation... I couldn't possibly have become anything other than a writer. There is no bottom to the pit of inspiration.

That question is usually followed quickly by, "Wait... thrillers? Then why publish dramas?" Glad you asked! The life of the writer is very Poe. There are piles of books, dim-lit corners, highlighted facts and threads linking push-pinned pages to the office walls. Don't even get me started on the endless number of tabs perpetually open on my internet browser or the library of favorited sites. The research in thrillers, especially political-military thrillers, is exhaustive. The sort of exhaustive you get a degree in. Not to mention that I spend a tremendous amount of time traversing, creating, organizing and maintaining the darkness of fictional corruption and conspiracy and ultimately... death. Sometimes I just have to take a break and let some of my people win. Let life end up in some sort of familial, wholesome, tangible reward. And what greater reward is there except love? Real, redeeming, lasting love. 

Generally, us writers use the brief pause that follows those immediate questions to tell you our redeeming qualities and personal accolades that prove we are not just crazy bums sitting at keyboards shoveling handfuls of potato chips into our yaps between frantic finger-dances across the keys. Mine is usually, "I'm a single mom these days and wasn't afforded the privilege of a formal education. But I managed to publish two works that beat national averages in their first year of publication and thought I'd get a degree for it and prove to the life I escaped that I am capable and worth it. Not to mention create the legacy of educational success that will blueprint my kids' future. I'm a State University of New York Empire State College double major plus minor undergrad deans-list Magna cum Laud average alumnus in Public History and Writing. The "plus minor" accounts for the silly number of credits I took in photography. See that background image? That's me. Good o'l GypsyPhotography.


In real life I practice Oral History, specifically the gathering, transcribing, and preservation of our veterans stories. Especially those from the Gulf War forward. I pander my photographic skills, struggle to engage the community around me and make a difference, and actively seek to know my God better. But mostly my greatest work and time spent is being a mother to two of the greatest kids the Lord ever invented. 

So, there's the short story of me. Thanks for stopping in!